Acidently Deleted Logical Drive, dual boot win8 & ubuntu 14

How to use TestDisk to recover lost partition
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Acidently Deleted Logical Drive, dual boot win8 & ubuntu 14

#1 Post by noxchi » 31 Dec 2014, 08:43


i have deleted a partition by mistake, which had around 41GB of backup :( ...
i am trying to get back partition as it was... the thing is :

originally the HDD is 300 GB, it had earlier one partition.
then i splitted it into 3 Primary partitions...

one of the partitions was 115GB, where again i made it into 2 LOGICAL drives 80GB and 35GB.

I installed Ubuntu on the 35GB one. so i had dual boot (win8 on C and ubuntu on this logical drive)

Then, i booted from Windows --> used Disk Management tool, deleted the 35GB drive (boot drive of Ubuntu),welling then to re-install windows then ubuntu.
when i deleted it - the partition went back to 115GB RAW Logical Drive! :? so im trouble now...

i tried a bit with TestDrive, but to be honest, im not very good at that, so im kinda lost now...

Any help please?

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