Recovering files and folders, PhotoRec or TestDisk?

Using PhotoRec to recover lost data
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Recovering files and folders, PhotoRec or TestDisk?

#1 Post by JohnnyTLuxury »

So I just found out about this amazing piece of software and my dilemma is this:
I use music creation software (Ableton, Cubase, Reason) and stored all my music on a hard drive that was getting too small, and I have a great 128g usb flash drive that i used to backup my files. So I ordered another HDD, but while I did that, I erased my old HDD ( everything was backed up to my flash drive.) Of course, this is when you make a stupid, stupid thing. I have another flash drive of the same name, but smaller capacity, and I was trying to format it, but wound up formatting my BackUp flash drive. Lost everything. This was some 6 months ago, and I've been wrought with sadness, trying many different software to get my data back. Most software isn't keyed automatically to Ableton or Cubase files, and I was having no luck making custom signatures.
Cut to the chase, I found this software, and off the bat, it was easy and doing the magic. Ok, no the problem. Many of my music files are in separate folders that contains the song I'm working on, samples that go with that specific song and other data specific to that song. Now PhotoRec works, gets my song files back but at unknown names of course. I really need the folders however. The songs are almost useless with the accompanying data ( samples, processing changes, et c.)
My question is: TestDisk can recover partitions, but will it recover formatted data? Ive tried, but no sure if I'm missing something. Im thinking if i recover the lost partition and everything is ok partition wise, Ill recover my folder structure and hence, my songs with the correct accompanying data. Help?

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