MFT problem. No MFTmirror is there.

How to use TestDisk to recover lost partition
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MFT problem. No MFTmirror is there.

#1 Post by b0r3d »

HP 500 GB of external HDD. I checked using "chkdsk" but after 24 hrs it stopped in the second phase of index verification
and highlighted the error of MFT is corrupted and it aborted.
Then using TestDisk_win
Advanced Options-> Boot-> Repair MFT
"It says can't read NTFS MFT"
Current Boot Status of HDD:-
Boot Sector Status:OK
Backup Boot Sector Status: Ok

Sectors are identical
Plzz direct me. :geek:

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Re: MFT problem. No MFTmirror is there.

#2 Post by cgrenier »

You can try TestDisk, Advanced, Boot, RepairMFT.
If it doesn't work, use PhotoRec to recover your data (original filenames won't be recovered)

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Re: MFT problem. No MFTmirror is there.

#3 Post by Mark2m »

So are you saying at this juncture to forget about the mirror image of the MFT and go another route.
MFT Mirror.JPG
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