Continued "Not all folders shown in P-list"

How to use TestDisk to recover lost partition
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Continued "Not all folders shown in P-list"

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Since my original topic ( ... t4776.html ) is locked, I'll continue in a new one...

Still having some problems to retrieve all the files from the drive....

I opened the original topic, because my WD 2TB USB Elements NTFS partition was not recognized by windows: Windows only gave the drive a letter (H:), but when trying to enter on in, it was shown as RAW and asked to format.

TestDisk was able to find the NTFS partition, but when typing P to see the list of the files, not all were shown.

TestDisk creator advised me to do a "Chkdsk /f h:", and it worked. It detected it as NTFS, and after 7 days running and more than 72000 index errors corrected, I was able to see the files via Windows Explorer..... I managed to copy 200GB to another drive with only a dozen of error of files that couldn't be read.

Then, errors started to be very common, and it took ages to read each file and copy it.

Now, Windows sometimes gives the drive a letter and sometimes not. TestDisk stills finds the NTFS partition, but now when typing P for file listing it shows no files. But for example, in Filesystem - Undeleted, it shows a lot of files

What can be preventing all my files to be shown?? Should i try another program or something??