HDD not found by Testdisk? :(

How to use TestDisk to recover lost partition
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HDD not found by Testdisk? :(

#1 Post by Kebap » 15 Apr 2015, 09:56

Dear all,

I am trying to recover my HDD files. Since the weekend, I can't access the HDD. It does not seem to be recognised by the Bios anymore, at all. Of course, then, it is also not recognised by the operating systems. I wonder if there is any hope left? The HDD motor still works.

Now a friend informed me so I tried connecting the HDD with a SATA->USB adapter. This actually seems to work. At least, I can see the drive in the Windows "Computer Management" Partition overview as "Datenträger 2" (file system = not initialised). See screenshot.

However, Testdisk (windows version) does not seem to recognise this HDD at all. It only shows the other HDD, which has roughly the same size (3tb). I know this, because last night, for ~12 hours, I tried to analyse /dev/sdb - only to notice, it shows the same files as drive Z: listed beneath.

Next, I want to try if the Testdisk Boot-version is any different. What else could I try? Thank you in advance! :mrgreen:
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Re: HDD not found by Testdisk? :(

#2 Post by cgrenier » 16 Apr 2015, 08:08

Boot from a Linux LiveCD and check if the disk is detected or not.

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