Problems recovering files from sandisk 16GB SD card

Using PhotoRec to recover lost data
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Problems recovering files from sandisk 16GB SD card

#1 Post by louisjconnelly » 15 May 2012, 14:39

Hello I was wondering if anyone could help me out at all. I am a novice so please bare with me.

I am a photographer and spent the whole day yesterday photographing onto a new 16 GB sd card.

halfway through the day i attempted to upload the images to my comp using my usual card reader, but my computer couldn't locate the device. Because of time limits i used a collegues computer which found the drive so i back up the images i had taken so far.

I then carried on taking pics and when it came to the end of the day i tried on my computer again.

The card displayed all 300 images on the camera briefly then came up with a display error message. Although it still registers that there are 300 files on it they cannot be seen.

When i finally located the card on my mac by playing with the disk utility preferences, it will only copy the images i backed up half way through the day, and cannot register the remaining two thirds even though the file names are on there.

I have had a play with photo rec but i am not sure i am using it correctly alothough i was able to recover 6 images i am having no luck with the remaining 295.

Any advice would be much appreciated.



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Re: Problems recovering files from sandisk 16GB SD card

#2 Post by remy » 17 May 2012, 10:40

Not easy to help you as far as we don't know what you've done with photorec. Be more precise, and give feedback of what you have done.


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