Big GZ file instead of individual mov files

Using PhotoRec to recover lost data
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Big GZ file instead of individual mov files

#1 Post by chopnshoot »

I recently formatted a SDHC card that had video files on it before I had the chance to back up the files. I ran PhotoRec in chance to recover these files. After some time PhotoRec produced 2 gz files. 1 file is 96kb and 8.5gb, The 8.5gb file is about what I would expect the total size of all the video files put together. I am assuming PhotoRec found all the data which is good but has created an big unusable file. I can decompress the file and changing formats doesn't help.

Any recommendations on how I can get my videos files back? These are regular Apple ProRes video files.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

BTW I'm currently running TestDisk to see if it has a better chance at identifying the files.

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Re: Big GZ file instead of individual mov files

#2 Post by DanDan »

Hi chopnshoot. I'm having similar problems on a 500GB hard drive so have been trying to find info on restoring .MOV files and why we end up with so many .GZ files.
Since you've got only 8GB to deal with I'd recommend you try photorec once with each of the different file system options i.e. linux or the other one (FAT or NTFS i think?).
I've also seen .TS files mentioned ( I don't know what for but photorec can save them), and that there are specialist programs for .MOV specifically. Haven't tried them yet. Hoping something will magically stick gz+ts+mov into a valid mov.

Testdisk is what I'm trying to use on mine to repair the partition table, but yes if you can select the right partition entry it may be able to see real files underneath.