All partitions found early in deep scan on 3TB Drive

How to use TestDisk to recover lost partition
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All partitions found early in deep scan on 3TB Drive

#1 Post by tmistyd » 29 May 2015, 12:40

I've already done a deep scan, but since I started trying to recover my partitions before my coffee I accidentally double tapped the "q" key and it took me all the way back to the beginning. This is after my deep scan took over 24 hours. To say I'm distraught would be an understatement. (For feedback, it would be awesome if the developers made a different key the one that starts you over entirely!)

My question is this: My deep scan found all 3 of my partitions somewhere around the 25% mark. Is there a way to stop the deep scan since I know there's no more partitions to be found? Or do I have to let it take another 3/4 of a day no matter what.

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Re: All partitions found early in deep scan on 3TB Drive

#2 Post by Fiona » 30 May 2015, 07:24

If TestDisk displays your required partitions during the search, you can press enter to stop the scan.
Partitions should be listed for recovery.



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