Recover ext4 partition after luksFormat

How to use TestDisk to recover lost partition
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Recover ext4 partition after luksFormat

#1 Post by evillegas » 08 Jul 2015, 03:31

While installing a linux distro (Antergos) I accidentally formatted an ext4 data partition (850Gb in sda6) as a LUKS container with luksFormat.

I haven't found any info on how to revert this command or how to recover a partition which underwent this change.

Testdisk shows some deleted partitions in sda but can't recover it: «Can't open filesystem. Filesystem seems damaged».

Any ideas?

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Re: Recover ext4 partition after luksFormat

#2 Post by Fiona » 08 Jul 2015, 07:33

Did you run a complete Deeper Search?
Can you copy and paste the content of your testdisk.log into your next post?


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Re: Recover ext4 partition after luksFormat

#3 Post by evillegas » 09 Jul 2015, 01:48

Thanks for your prompt reply. I had previously done the Deeper search twice, but found no recoverable partition. I did it today just to attach the log file. I have as well a filesystem partition backup:

#1433303942 Disk /dev/sda - 1000 GB / 931 GiB - CHS 121601 255 63
1 : start= 2048, size= 921600, Id=00, P
2 : start= 923648, size= 532480, Id=00, P
3 : start= 1456128, size= 262144, Id=00, P
4 : start= 1718272, size=163130818, Id=00, P
5 : start=164849664, size= 716800, Id=00, P
6 : start=165566464, size=1766434816, Id=00, P
7 : start=1932001280, size= 21522432, Id=00, P

This backup was before trying to recover the partition: I undeleted/marked as P the partition I thought was ext4, and wrote it to the disk. I had to revert to the backup.

testdisk.log en


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