recover Lost Partition, Need true experts

How to use TestDisk to recover lost partition
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recover Lost Partition, Need true experts

#1 Post by unfogiven19 »

Hi my friends.

1st Thanks for TestDisk, BEST software ever, it saved me many time, and it free !

This is my problem :

my SD CARD, 8GB .. 5 months ago, it become RAW, so there where I found out about Testdisk, it fix it.

Last week, same problem appeared, I tried TestDisk .. but nothing happened, after many times, I tried , this option in testdisk 7.0 -----> MBR code..... then It was fixed , and I was able to see my files .

however I just couldn't access to one particular folder, so I used CHKDSK, it deleted the whole folder :shock:

then after a day , THE SD CARD, went RAW again.... I tried again TestDisk, it says that the CHS and LBA don't match , I tried again MBR code, but nothing happened,

So I thought maybe if I format it with ( My computer --> management ---> Disk Management ) I could recover my files .. so I format it with FAT32 .

Now I tried more than 20 software, none of them could recover a single file.

and this what I see in Testdisk :
1111.jpg (213.72 KiB) Viewed 1519 times
and also It said , NONE partition table has been detected o_O
2222.jpg (83.44 KiB) Viewed 1519 times
Please help me ... I really need this SD card, more than anything, it contain all my studies files, my PHD dissertations, it's my life, and am really hopeless .

It least a way I could recover the RAW .. as it was before I format it.
Thank you

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Re: recover Lost Partition, Need true experts

#2 Post by unfogiven19 »

and this is the lost one .. called ( NO NAME )
0333.jpg (64.52 KiB) Viewed 1508 times
but this is what happend after I continue
4444.jpg (61.99 KiB) Viewed 1508 times

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Re: recover Lost Partition, Need true experts

#3 Post by Fiona »

Chkdsk and formatting your sd card wasn't as much helpful.
Chkdsk can modify your file system and files and formatting can override your file system.
Result would be an empty file system.
But there would be some hope in your case.
TestDisk found another partition, labeled as No Name.
Please run another diagnose using partition table type Intel.
You should be sure which partition was your previous one.
Either Memory Card or No Name?
You should only set the right partition for recovery to P for primary, pressing Enter and using Write to write it into your partition table.
If it would work as far, you could run boot sector diagnose and checking your Fat.
But info will follow.
Otherwise you'll need datarecovery software reading underlying data and ignoring the file system.
Did you already test PhotoRec?
PhotoRec reads underlying data and can recover them.
You should select your sd card and scanning whole space.