using parted to recreate the missing partition

How to use TestDisk to recover lost partition
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using parted to recreate the missing partition

#1 Post by Cesk »

Hi everyone!
I've got a mac HFS hdd that isn't accesible and it doesn't work on my macbook i linked it via USB to my windows pc,and analyzed using test disk.
After all the analysis,it found some partition,but when i give the enter command on the "Write" button to restore the partition,it tells me that "Function write_part_mac not implemented; Use pdisk(mac) or parted (linux) to recreate the missing partition using values displayed by Testdisk".
In the testdisk log,it tells me,as an example: "

HFS+ magic value at 30296/213/54
part_size 1269536
HFS 486718712 487988247 1269536
HFS+ blocksize=4096, 650 MB / 619 MiB
This partition ends after the disk limits. (start=486718712, size=1269536, end=487988247, disk end=487725344)

So,what should i do?