Lexar 8GB Flash Drive Recovered: Much Gratitude Topic is solved

How to use TestDisk to recover lost partition
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Lexar 8GB Flash Drive Recovered: Much Gratitude  Topic is solved

#1 Post by MinckRecover » 09 Aug 2015, 03:52

Lexar 8GB Jump Drive Recovered: Much Gratitude!

Unexpectedly, I lost the partition of my Lexar 8G Flash Drive. Following poor discipline, I had accumulated a collection of working documents without a backup copy.

TestDisk worked! Quick analyse did not suffice; however, the Deeper Search option identified and copied all of the files to safety !!!

Much gratitude on a great product! My husband will use his PayPal account on http://www.cgsecurity.org to express our thanks.

Thank you for all of your talents and efforts !!!

Columbus, Ohio USA

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