A 10 Years JOB Gone, HELP!

Using PhotoRec to recover lost data
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A 10 Years JOB Gone, HELP!

#1 Post by lipedm » 02 Sep 2015, 05:26

Hi everyone,

Today i was doing a often windows7 formatation, but unfortunly i use by mistake the command "clean" in diskpart of windows prompt while install screen, this happens because i was resizing the C part to get more space to my D (Backup part), anyway i made dat bullshit.

Well, i lost 10 years of images, videos and all my stuff, is not too much size, is 100GB of info, but i simply lost.

When i run the test disk i can find my files pressing P on a NTFS (called backup part by testdisk) i see a that message: the files can't be write and recovered, something like that.

Please i need help, i pay my bills with dat stuff. Thx.

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Re: A 10 Years JOB Gone, HELP!

#2 Post by cgrenier » 05 Sep 2015, 20:39

After Quick Search, choose Deeper Search. For each partition, use 'p' to list the files.
Set the correct partitions to P(rimary), L(ogical) and *(bootable). On next screen, choose Write, confirm, Quit.

It's always possible to use PhotoRec to recover your data but it won't recover the original filenames.

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