Need help recovering files and boot menu on macbook pro

How to use TestDisk to recover lost partition
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Need help recovering files and boot menu on macbook pro

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So I did the really stupid thing and attempted to resize my bootcamp partition without backing up anything. Hindsight is 20/20 but my luck got me this far.

Using disk utility I resized the mac side, no issues booting.
Increased the bootcamp side using AOMEI partition manager, had to restart to take effect.
working working working
some error popped up about how a program prevented changes to the partition table or something to that effect.
restarted and nothing, grey screen
booted holding option I get the mac recovery options but no option to boot into bootcamp
Disk Utility shows the successfully resized bootcamp side but mac side shows up as unallocated.

I could be wrong but I kinda feel like the mac side wasn't even touched by AOMEI. I'm pretty sure all the boot stuff just got screwed up and maybe partition identifiers. I have successfully booted up the Ultimate Boot CD but really it's outside my expertise. Tried using gui testdisk on UBCD to see if files are recoverable on the unallocated space and said it found nothing, but also acted like it wasn't working either. Other partitions show EFI boot partition as the first partition and another also labled unallocated as the last partition. So I need help recovering the filesystem, boot menu, or worst case scenario the files from the unallocated space.