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Using PhotoRec to recover lost data
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Krita (*.kra) file format unavailable for recovery

#1 Post by lachoneus »

According to the 7.0 release wiki, the Krita, .kra file format should be available for recovery. I have usesd Photorec in both linux and windows, command line, and qPhotorec in windows, and do not see this format available for recovery under the file format menus.

I have also tested 7.1 beta in Linux to see if the option is there, and I am not seeing it.

Do I need to download and build from source to get this option?

Also, I have tried building a custom signature file for the format, and identified an existing Krita file accurately with fidentify. But when I do a recovery through photorec, with the custom option enabled, it recovers some huge 1.0 gb+ files that are obviously not Krita files when I try to open them, or look at them with a hex editor.

Here is a Krita file for anyone who would be willing to help me build a good signature file. ... jgzZUY0MmM

And here is my current signature file. ... VktRllRX3M

Any help would be greatly apprieciated. Thank you!

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Re: Krita (*.kra) file format unavailable for recovery

#2 Post by cgrenier »

To recover Krita files, you need to enable the zip file family.

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Re: Krita (*.kra) file format unavailable for recovery

#3 Post by lachoneus »

Thank you for the reply. I tried recovering the whole partition with the zip file option selection, and nothing else. I believe there may be something wrong with the current implementation of krita file recovery, as it didn't recover the file I am looking for, neither did it recovery two purposely placed Krita files on the partition. I'm using the two purposly placed krita files to confirm that the recovery/signature file is working or not. The "zip" file option doesn't seem to recognize krita files.

To help confirm this, I did work out a signature file that works, and I have been able to recover some of the krita files that were on the drive. Unfortunately not the one that I was looking for though... But it seems to be working nonetheless.

Here is the new signature file, that is recovering my Krita files. ... XZyYVZRZU0

Code: Select all

kra 0 0x504B030414000000000087BB46FCA1F003A71300000013000000080000006D696D65747970656170706C69636174696F6E2F782D6B7269746150

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Re: Krita (*.kra) file format unavailable for recovery

#4 Post by lachoneus »

Good news! I was able to recover the file I was looking for, using the signature file in the previous post. I did the recovery a second time, and it was able to restore it. Not sure if I changed anything. Regardless, thanks for the awesome recovery file.

I tried doing the recovery with the zip format selected, with no luck again. But the signature file, did the trick.