Help With recovering data

Using TestDisk to repair the filesystem
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Help With recovering data

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Looking for some advice. I think i have just made things worse for myself. I have a hard drive that wouldn't show it just kept either saying that it must be formatted before use. Or it would say that it was inaccessible.

Now having ran and used test disk. It found the partition but said it was unrecoveralbe due to the filesystem being damaged. When I checked the bootsector it said it was bad. Now the partition was set to NTFS but when I used the bootsector repair utility. I selected use backup bootsector which was ok. And after reading guides. It appeared that this was the best option to select. But once it recoved the bootsector from its backup. The hard drive is now showing in Fat32 format. :-(

It now shows as a fraction of its original size in windows. It shows as a 31.9gb hard drive with 315mb free. Now I know this is incorrect as it's a 500gb hard drive and it had about 35gb free before the problem occured with it not being accessible.

Is there anyway of getting it to show properly and get to access my files that are on it.

Thanks in advance