What happens if my computer shuts down while I am recovering

Using PhotoRec to recover lost data
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What happens if my computer shuts down while I am recovering

#1 Post by espressohound »

I am using testdisk to copy files from a harddrive to another (the first drive is from an old computer that stopped working - before I try to repair it, I'm trying to copy all data over to my other computer, at least temporarily). For several directories, this went quickly enough. However, I am currently copying from a directory that is large enough so that testdisk has not finished for two days. I am concerned that if I have an unexpected power failure, something bad will happen. I hope not. Hopefully, the effect will be no different than an unexpected shutdown during a copy command in Windows 7 (my OS), but if there is some reason for concern, would it be better to stop the file copy for now and copy it in smaller chunks?

I've used testdisk for quite a while, but not very often, so I am somewhat like a ``newbie''; moreover, I only just registered for these forums, so to hte forums I am a newbie. :) Thus, I looked for a way to stop the copying process, but I've not yet found it. Perhaps it is as simple as pressing the letter ``q'' on the keyboard, but the cmd window in which is running the testdisk program does not seem to inform me of this either way. In fact, here is what the screen looks like right now:

TestDisk 7.0, Data Recovery Utility, April 2015

Please select a destination where the marked files will be copied.
Keys: Arrow keys to select another directory
C when the destination is correct
Copying, please wait... 14704 ok, 0 failed
Directory Y:\temp\RemovedFromGrundlagen\ResearchDrive
>d---rwx--- 197608 197121 0 19-Oct-2015 05:32 .
d---rwx--- 197608 197121 0 19-Oct-2015 05:33 ..

Thank you in advance!