Recovery from NAS Atlantis

Using TestDisk to undelete files
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Recovery from NAS Atlantis

#1 Post by coccoslash »

Good morning, I'm a newbie.
I've got this problem:
I've an Atlantis DiskMaster G502D with RAID 1 with 2 Hard disk 2TB caviar green Western Digital.
Yesterday the nas send to me a warning: HD1 was down.
So I take off the hd and I made a scan of the blocks and everything was fine.
Meanwhile I checked the HD2 and all the data were there.

I destroyed the partitions of the hd1 and it becamed RAW, then i put it into the nas but the nas formatted BOTH DISKS.
So I lost everything :evil: :cry:

I need to backup 1,4tb of data :(
I tried test disk with deeper scan started up from a 1tb usb hd but when finishes the scan the sw can't recovery the partion selected (hd too small?!)
Can I have an advice please?

I need to backup name and structure of the data.
Can testdisk do this?

thanks for you courtesy
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Re: Recovery from NAS Atlantis

#2 Post by coccoslash »

Anyone please? :cry:
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Re: Recovery from NAS Atlantis

#3 Post by Fiona »

Sry for late.
Formatting a disk will override your underlying previous file system.
That's why never write or modify something to a disk, when data are lost.
TestDisk will only find your freshly formatted empty file system.
Exception would be, when you formatted your disk with a different file system.
In case, please let me know.
Otherwise you'll need datarecovery software to read underlying data.
PhotoRec can recover underlying data.
But original file names and folders will be gone.
Info here:
To recover folder and file names you should have a look to commercial datarecovery software.