Life after robocopy?

Using TestDisk to undelete files
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Life after robocopy?

#1 Post by xanda »

We inadvertently overwrote some files onto a partition on our SSD by accidentally pointing the Windows robocopy command in the wrong direction.
The amount of data 'in transit' is very small compared to the target, and we were able to stop the process before it completed. Although we realised quite quickly, we can't be sure how much was actually written.
Given the platform hardware involved and the quantity of data written, our question here is really twofold:
i) How likely is it that that we can recover what was lost i.e. what's the prognosis?
ii) What would be the most reliable steps to take from this point onward?

HW/Platform Details:-
x2 partitions both NTFS on same/single drive.
Drive is SSD (OCZ-AGILITY3 ATA Device)

Source/payload: directory tree of 205 Files, 122 Folders totalling 55.3 MB (58,040,320 bytes)
Destination: 16GB partition of which 2.35GB is the data we need to recover. QPhotoRec is reporting 893 files.

As a 'second pair of eyes', we have also used another file recovery tool to gauge the extent of what can be read. The folder tree is apparently still readable as are the file listing themselves.

Having now performed two passes, one with PhotoRec and another with QPhotoRec, we are not having much success.

Any help please? Thanks.