missing info on XDCAM SD card

Using TestDisk to repair the filesystem
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missing info on XDCAM SD card

#1 Post by 1stcamera » 16 Nov 2015, 19:22

Went to offload .MXF files from XDCAM camera shoot via ShotPut Pro and my laptop froze during that process. I removed the card before rebooting and inserted the card in the camera to validate my files were still intact. I got a MEDIA NEEDS TO BE RESTORED message, which is not an unusual request. I restored and then soon realized there were no longer any clips. What I didn't do was at least validate the thumbnails instead of going straight to restore. Now my 64 GBS card show no files but also shows there is a bit over 8.33GBS of material still on the card, which would correspond to how much video would have been on the card. I've downloaded TestDisk but it seems that even though it's supposed to be for MacOS, it comes in as a DOS EXEC and I'm not sure how to proceed.

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Re: missing info on XDCAM SD card

#2 Post by cgrenier » 17 Nov 2015, 18:25

Download the Mac OSX Intel version. TestDisk comes with a text interface, it's not a dos program unless you downloaded the dos version.

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Re: missing info on XDCAM SD card

#3 Post by 1stcamera » 17 Nov 2015, 21:14

that's what I did...twice and it's DOS without a doubt. Even says EXEC. I'm wondering if the complications are from the fact I also downloaded El Capitan a couple of weeks ago. Shouldn't have done that just yet because Apple is still working out the bugs. They should have warned us that it's basically a Beta version of an upcoming OS. Think this has something to do with my issue?
BTW, I have all but given up on retrieving the video my my card and have rescheduled the shoot. Luckily I can do that but I was hopeful there for a minute. My card still says it has 8.33GBS of material on it, it's just not visible to me.

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