What do I do after running an analysis?

Using TestDisk to repair the filesystem
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What do I do after running an analysis?

#1 Post by mzaccardo » 24 May 2012, 04:29

I'm sorry but I am having a hard time filtering through all the posts to see what category I fall into concerning recovering my files. Can someone please tell me what I should do next. I already ran an analysis. Here are some screenshots. Thanks a ton. I really, really, appreciate any help you could give.
Capture1.PNG (74.79 KiB) Viewed 1137 times
Capture.PNG (60.36 KiB) Viewed 1137 times
Capture2.PNG (47.98 KiB) Viewed 1137 times

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Re: What do I do after running an analysis?

#2 Post by remy » 28 May 2012, 08:18

To help, It would be easier to know what is your problem... What do you want to do ?
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