Testdisk split harddrive into 3 X drive letters

How to use TestDisk to recover lost partition
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Testdisk split harddrive into 3 X drive letters

#1 Post by justamum »

I have a Toshiba laptop hard drive (MQ02ABD075) connected to a Win 7 computer via a SATA/IDE to USB2.0 Adapter cable as it was no longer booting within the laptop.
I could not see any of the contents of the hard drive through Windows Explorer or Disk Manager (however I could see the disk as Drive F). After searching through forums, I found the reference to TestDisk to view disk contents, so I downloaded.
When I first used TestDisk to view the hard drive's contents, it identified the hard disk correctly as Drive F with a capacity of 750GB [Unfortunately, I chose not to create a log - big mistake#1] with a Partition Type of "Intel/PC".
Following the TestDisk Step by Step Guide, I then chose to "Analyse" the disk and it resulted in listing 3 partitions (even though the list did not actually say Partition 1, Partition 2 etc).
The first (the smallest) was listed with an asterick showing it was bootable - a list of the files showed boot folder etc, so appeared OK (from this novice's perspective)
The second (the largest) was listed with a "P" showing it as primary - a list of files showed what looked like my disk contents, so I was ecstatic thinking I was on the right track.
The third was also listed with a "P" showing as primary - a list of files showed also a boot folder and I think a recovery folder, so wasn't quite sure what this was for.

Since the partitions did not list as Partition 1, Partition 2 and Partition 3 respectively, I thought I would have to WRITE the partition table and then reboot [big mistake#2].

After rebooting, I ran TestDisk again and then found that the three "partitions" now showed up as three separate drive letters F, G & H (see attachment of Disk Management Image).
DiskManagement-justamum.JPG (49.11 KiB) Viewed 2041 times
Now when I run TestDrive on each of the three drives, the Partition Type comes up as "None" and Analysis comes back with errors.

Q1 - How can I get my drive back to the original state before I saved the Partition Table?
Q2 - If I'm fortunate enough to get this back, what do I do to make my hard drive bootable again since all the files appear to be there?

Would REALLY APPRECIATE assistance !! :? :oops: :cry:
Thank you,
Just a Mum (trying to get my data back)

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Re: Testdisk split harddrive into 3 X drive letters

#2 Post by cgrenier »

Without more information, the only problem I see is that G: is listed as RAW.
H: (HDDRECOVERY) was probably hidden before using TestDisk, so let's ignore it for the moment.
Is F: (System) ok ?

If you run TestDisk, select /dev/sdb, PC/Intel, Advanced, select the second partition (G:), Boot, List. Do you see your files ? If it's ok, if available, choose BackupBS and confirm, Quit

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Re: Testdisk split harddrive into 3 X drive letters

#3 Post by justamum »

(Have had trouble logging on...hence the delay in replying)
I can see my files on the second partition G to some extent. When I look into the Document and Settings folder, there is nothing present (see attachment).
ScreenShot1.JPG (98.61 KiB) Viewed 2023 times
The BackupBS is not available.
I have selected all files on the 2nd partition (G) and copied them, but this does not give me my documents etc...only what I can see in TestDisk.

Not sure what to do from here? Is the problem with G: listed as RAW have anything to do with why I cannot see my documents and files further?

Also, when I analyse each of the partitions.....the 1st (F:) and 3rd (H:) partitions have damaged backup boot sectors but the 2nd (G:) partition have identical Boot and Backup Boot Sectors. Not sure if this is significant? See screenshots below
ScreenShot2.JPG (84.09 KiB) Viewed 2023 times
ScreenShot3.JPG (82.25 KiB) Viewed 2023 times
I am about to start a Deeper Search on the 2nd (G:) partition to see if that shows up any of my files.
If it doesn't, I am thinking of using PhotoRec to try to recover my files - do you think this will work given the above info?

Really appreciate your help!