Could you please Help me (i am helpless & desperate)!

How to use TestDisk to recover lost partition
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Could you please Help me (i am helpless & desperate)!

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I had a micro SD card in my Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1.
Yesterday, I connected my Tab to internet through my mobile phone tethering.
I got a message saying there is an Android upgrade from 4.4.2 to 5.1.1.
Also asked me to back up before installation.
I copied some files from Tab device memory to SD card. And then removed the SD card. After that did the upgrade.
Put the SD card back and I can see the files I copied yesterday. Most of the old files I can not see. All Folders and sub-folders are there but they are empty. It is a 32GB card and now it says there is about 27.9GB free space.

I have a card reader and SD card can be connected to my laptop (OS : Windows 7, and 32-bit).

1) I downloaded the TestDisk (Windows version) 2nd from the top (after DOS/Win9X).
Is this the correct version of TestDisk for 32-bit Windows machine?

I have a few questions as I am very new to this.

2) Source partition selection:
what is Source partition? and How I can find the "Source partition selection"? which one to select?

3) expert mode:
What parameters I should select in the expert mode? I did not understand the description.

"The expert mode option allows the user to force the file system block size and the offset. Each filesystem has his own block size (a multiple of the sector size) and offset (0 for NTFS, exFAT, ext2/3/4), these value are fixed when the filesystem has been created/formated. When working on the whole disk (ie. original partitions are lost) or a reformated partition, if PhotoRec has found very few files, you may want to try the minimal value that PhotoRec let you select (it's the sector size) for the block size (0 will be used for the offset)."

Thank you in advance for any help.