Damaged filesystem after using TestDisk

Using TestDisk to repair the filesystem
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Damaged filesystem after using TestDisk

#1 Post by rcu92 »

(there's a short version of my problem below)

I have a problem after using TestDisk.
Firstly, disk that I'm trying to recover from only the most important files had Windows Vista on it. Something went wrong and it won't boot in any way, also in the safe mode. I've managed that there's a need to put this system again on the disk, but I want to recover any possible data. The main partition "ACER" was not accessible well, maybe because poor SATA <> USB interface, maybe not. There was an IO error on many files, that I could open straight from the disk, but after copying - not. I've started looking for a way to copy those files without errors, found ddrecover and TestDisk. ddrescue is slow, that's why I started messing up with TestDisk.
I did the Analysis, Quich Search and Writing process. After this my ACER partition has corrupted filesystem (it was partitioned into almost the same size), but I could still access the DATA (not used) partition. I've put the disk into laptop, copied everything wanted from DATA, connected through the interface and ... the filesystem and content of DATA is now unknown. The ACER filesystem is NTFS, but content unknown. I can still view files on DATA through TestDisk, but cannot access them through Linux.

I don't want to mess anything else, especially that there are still files and partition that came with the computer and works as a clean recovery.
How can I restore the partitions without corrupting data ?

In short:
After writing with TD the content of main partition is unknown,
After copying files from other partition the content and filesystem of other partition is unknown,

Thanks for answers

P.S. Sorry, can't resize the attached image.
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Re: Damaged filesystem after using TestDisk

#2 Post by cgrenier »

Try to clone the disk using gnu ddrescue ("ddrescue /dev/SOURCE /dev/DESTINATION ddrescue.log") to a new empty disk.

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Re: Damaged filesystem after using TestDisk

#3 Post by rcu92 »

I've resized the image from system with graphic editor and added some explanation.
Partition 3 error (DATA) was caused by this damned interface. Via it the disk manager also shows 1 bad sector, via SATA in laptop - everything OK.
I don't have any free drive to copy this, but I think I can try to make an image using ddrescue (not ddrecover as I've previously mentioned). I know it can be a problem, because I can destroy all the data I want to retrieve . In the end I would like to save partition 1 PQSERVICE - there is an Acer recovery with OS, so I wouldn't have to install it from DVD.
Since the partition is not working, is there a way to tell the disk, that partition size is as was ? If that will work and as far as I understand I would have a chance to access the data, copy it, then wipe the disk and write it with new system ?

I've done a deep scan and in the attachment there is a screenshot of what I have. The partition named ACER is not accessible - TD just hangs and exits without clearing terminal. Unnamed partitions are accessible but with error of filesystem.
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