Can i destroy my 3TB disk if i use RB bootsector?

Using TestDisk to repair the filesystem
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Can i destroy my 3TB disk if i use RB bootsector?

#1 Post by PanasonicRoy »

I have a New 3TB seagate barracuda (storagedisk gpt partitioned) that i have lost about 350 GB of moviefiles + Pictures on.
I have used testdisk and photorec and recovered very many files and all pictures ,but the files i want most
is movies filmed with my lumix photocamera and they have the format m2ts avchd and that files is not recovered.
I have recovered all movie files filmed with my camcorder a panasonic hdc sd 90 they are also m2ts avchd format
Its strange that only the m2ts files from my camcorder is recovered and not the m2ts files from my photocamera is!
Anyone know why ?

So another question: I thinking about to use testdisk to rebuild bootsector for mayby recover the lumix photocamera m2ts files.
The disk is a storagedisk with one partition 3000GB and i think it was orginally marked as a GPT partition but now it says dynamic disk in disk manager.? dont think it was that before i mean that disk manager earlier marked the disk as a GPT partition but im not sure.
Is there any help trying to rebuild bootsector on this disk to try to recover my files?
Is there a bootsector for every disk in a computer not only C partition ?
Testdisk says bootsector is ok but bad bacup bootsector and something like uneven size on cluster.
Is there a chance that i destroy my new 3TB disk doing a rebuild bootsector so that its not recognized anymore?
I use windows 7 64bit