Help meeeee!!!! I used GParted and my ubuntu partition disa

How to use TestDisk to recover lost partition
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Help meeeee!!!! I used GParted and my ubuntu partition disa

#1 Post by henrique123159 »

I use gparted (live-cd) to increase the ubuntu partition there for my stupidity stopped in the middle of the process because he had caught! When he ubuntu partition (ext4) was as unknown. I tried to use the repairman gparted, then f*cked it all! Now all the space that was ubuntu was as unallocated. I had erased !!!
I'm using TestDisk in windows 8.1 and have used the rescuepc (live-cd), gives the same result ...
1 - I choose the created, choose the disk, intel and analyze
2 - Start the search with Quick search.
3 - NTFS 2 appears (I know this extension is the windows) and called Linux and other Linux Swap
4 - It is the third because it has the size it was, 108 gb
5 - then click P to see the list of files, and is empty.
6 - Then I think "it just does not need further research," THAT LEADS + 2 HOURS OF THE PRA THEREIN:
When I click the "A", to add the partition:

I've already put random numbers in cylindre and Head, which are zero, yet gives nothing !!!
Would anyone help me? Telling me step-by-step, because I know not sweat anything like that, was already thinking of taking up the windows and ubuntu had many files, such as images, books, study materials ... if not how to recover the partition, It is to at least draw all these things for windows?

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Re: Help meeeee!!!! I used GParted and my ubuntu partition d

#2 Post by cgrenier »

When you have the list with all the partitions, use the arrow keys to switch the first 4 partitions to P(rimary) except the first one that you can set as *(bootable). On next screen, choose Write, confirm, Quit.
To recover files from your Linux partition, run as root "fsck /a /dev/sda4" (modify the partition device if necessary) and next run photorec on this partition to recover your files, note that you will need a lot of space to store the recovered files.