Start Sector Option

Using PhotoRec to recover lost data
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Start Sector Option

#1 Post by iwlf » 11 Jun 2016, 20:19

An Start Sector Option would be nice.
Since I can see from File Names up to which one was red would be nice to start from later.
I've hit the wrong key on resume question or lost my session file allready.

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Re: Start Sector Option

#2 Post by cgrenier » 12 Jun 2016, 17:19

TestDisk, Advanced, Undelete can be used to recover deleted files. Deleted files from FAT12/16/32 and extFAT are listed in red.

When running PhotoRec, if you choosed Stop and confirmed you want to quit, it's still possible to resume the session.
If necessary, you can use a text editor (ie. vim under Linux, notepad++ or wordpad under Windows) to edit the file and alter the resume sector.

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