Choosing right sector/block size (HFS+)

Using PhotoRec to recover lost data
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Choosing right sector/block size (HFS+)

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In my first try I used 0 for sectors/block size and also allowed bruteforce. Pass1 and pass2 ran complete and bruteforce was looping. I read that bruteforce is only for small flash memory, so I canceled.
I recovered more than the next time when I let Photorec choose the sector/block size and didn't select bruteforce.

From the step by step guide:
"if PhotoRec has found very few files, you may want to try the minimal value that PhotoRec let you select (it's the sector size) for the block size (0 will be used for the offset)."

Which value should I use for HFS+ and a 2TB drive? (no AF = Advanced Format Drive), a Samsung HD204UI.

Thanks very much in advanced!!!!!!!

PS: the step ... space_only (choose FREE or WHOLE) is not available in my Testdisk 7.0 version. Is that ok?

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