Test Disk doesn't show Model Nos.

How to use TestDisk to recover lost partition
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Test Disk doesn't show Model Nos.

#1 Post by moriarty »

I have my Old Windows 7 C: (OS) disk that I am connecting via a SATA Saddle. It is shown as Dynamic and Invalid. So have started to use Test Disk for first time. When after i say Create log file it shows the disks such as /dev/dsk0 etc. and the size. But it doesn't show the Model number as per your instructions. So no STANNNNN type information. That makes it hard to see that I am actually working on the disk via the SATA saddle and not any of the other disks on the PC. Know other disks show their Manf type informaiton. But I see underneath the /dev/dsk0 etc.. The disks shown with their mount letters C: D: H: Any ideas why test disk doesn't appear to show the Disk information as the on-line guide. I am running Window 10 pro (64bit). The old disk was a Windows 7 pro (64bit) OS disk (C:). I have put a new HDD disk in my PC and installed Windows 10 from the .ISO installation disk. (The 'cunning plan' was that if Windows 10 upgrade onto a new Disk failed - I could put the Old Windows 7 disk back in).

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Re: Test Disk doesn't show Model Nos.

#2 Post by cgrenier »

This problem should affect testdisk 7.0. Older version (ie 6.14) and newer (7.1-WIP) should be ok.