Partition not found ANALYSE shows "read error"

How to use TestDisk to recover lost partition
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Partition not found ANALYSE shows "read error"

#1 Post by arter »

Dear Sir,

I have recently downloaded testdisk.
I am trying to recover data from my Toshiba 2.44 HDD 120 gb/111gb.
This drive sometimes shows up as unallocated in the Disk Management but will not allow to add volume drive. And sometimes doesn't show up in the disk management.
And it shows up in CMD DOS also with the DISKPART command, but shows no partitions.
And it showed up in Testdisk DOS also.

But after selecting ANALYSE, the message is showing "read error".

I still proceeded to Quick Search for partitions and after a long trial its not showing any partitions.

Please assist what to do next?

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Re: Partition not found ANALYSE shows "read error"

#2 Post by cgrenier »

If you get a lot of read error message, it's probably a physical problem.
You can try PhotoRec but you should probably contact a data recovery company.

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Re: Partition not found ANALYSE shows "read error"

#3 Post by Iceking007 »

I have gotten this error when searching a broken RAID array. I preceded to delete the array and rebuild it, this allowed scanning of the drives without the read error. This may not be the case in your situation but try a few different things to make sure you remove all variables. I assume this is an external drive, try removing it and using another drive controller to access the drive and see if there are any changes.

Not very helpful but hopefully you get it working.

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Re: Partition not found ANALYSE shows "read error"

#4 Post by arter »

Thank you for the suggestions.
It was an internal drive with two partitions on my old laptop. I am using a caddy and plugging the hard drive in the usb slot of a new laptop.
I used PhotoRec and this time it found a P unknown partition and is trying to save some found files in the Testdisk folder. But it has been almost half an hour reading data and the disc is heated. How long should I wait? Here is a screen shot image of the progress.
PhotoRec_SS.jpg (83.67 KiB) Viewed 2430 times