Partition sector doesn't have the endmark 0xAA55 + Partition Write Errors- Need help

How to use TestDisk to recover lost partition
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Partition sector doesn't have the endmark 0xAA55 + Partition Write Errors- Need help

#1 Post by sunil3k »


I am using TestDisk for the first time. I am not a techie but can follow technical instructions.

I have a Lenovo G50 with 1 TB internal HDD. It has Windows 8.1 64 bit installed.
There were 3 drives -
C: drive - which had the Windows installed (drive size ~150 GB)
D: drive - which had my personal files (drive size~400GB)
F: drive - which had my business files (drive size ~400GB)

I had uTorrent installed on my computer, which I believe started the problems in the first place. Some browser viruses seemed to have got installed due to which Google Chrome was acting weird. An MPC Player / Cleaner got installed automatically. So, to avoid any further damage, I decided to reinstall Windows. I had the installation files on a Sandisk ULTRA 32GB flashdrive. I booted from the flashdrive and tried to install Windows. At the partition screen, it gave me the message "Windows Cannot be Installed to Disk 0 Partition 1". This error message was flashed for all the partitions. I had only one disk i.e. Disk 0. So, I formatted the C:drive (drive size ~150GB) and reallocated by creating a NEW drive and tried to install again but i got the same error message. So, I decided to do formatting through DISKPART (which again I was using for the FIRST TIME) (attchmt: screenshot 1). I listed the disk, selected disk 0 and the BIG MISTAKE happened - I accidentally typed CLEAN command and hit Enter. The entire Disk 0 was cleaned completely.

So, I began researching on the Internet for recovery tools and methods. I came across TestDisk and my friend confirmed it is one of the best tools for recovery. Now, I have NOT installed anything on the 1TB HDD after the cleaning.

I formatted 32GB Flashdrive I had and installed Windows 8 64 bit ON THE FLASHDRIVE using WintoUSB to get access to the 1TB HDD. I booted the laptop from the flashdrive which is working fine. The following drives have been created - C: drive (13.9GB) and D: drive (28.6GB) (attchmt: screenshot 2). I installed TestDisk 7.0 and ran it.

I used the following reference links for steps -

Step-by-step :

1) Log creation

Worked fine

2) Disk selection

Showed me the HDD 1000GB / 931GB. So hope it was fine too.

3) Partition table type selection

It automatically selected Intel. so, should be fine i suppose.

4) Current partition table status PROBLEM

After i ran Analyse, It gave the error - "Partition sector doesn't have the endmark 0xAA55"

So, assuming that partition structure was lost and to retrieve the lost partitions i ran the Quick Search to proceed.

5) Quick Search for partitions

It returned a few partitions

6) Save the partition table or search for more partitions?

Since all the partitions were not showing up, i went for the Deeper Search

7) A partition is still missing: Deeper Search

I ran the Deeper Search option 3 times to ensure each and every file and folder is retrieved. Luckily, all the partitions showed up. (attchmt: screenshot 3) but ALL of them were marked D which indicated Deleted.
First Deeper Search took about 4 hours to complete. Second and third Deeper Search action took more than 2 hours.

I checked the partitions and found the 2 CORRECT Partitions I want to recover. They have all the folder and files listed inside. (attchmts: screenshot 4 and screenshot 5)

I DONT CARE about any other partitions listed here including the boot sector partition of windows if any. I just want to recover these 2 partitions which has my very important Data (both these partitions' data does NOT have any other backup, so I desperately need it back.

Now, as indicate in the TestDisk_Step_by_Step, I tried to change the status of the selected partition from D(deleted) to L(logical). It allowed me for the last partition (423GB / 394GB). But if i try to change the status of the next selected partition from D to L, it gives me " Structure: Bad ". So, basically, it does NOT allow me change status of both partitions to L(logical) SIMULTANEOUSLY.

ALL my partitions have been showing a D(Deleted) status after the Analyse results.
BOTH the partitions are very important for me and need to be recovered.

So, now i tried if other P(primary) status change is being allowed. Maximum it allows me ONLY EITHER of the two desired partitions to be labelled as L(logical) at any given moment. If i choose L(logical) for BOTH simultaneously, it gives the Structure: Bad error. So, i tried to make both the desired partitions as P(Primary) and it allows me, and I decided to add another partition as P(primary) too. (attchmt: screenshot 3)

8) Partition table recovery PROBLEM

With 3 partitions selected as P(primary) and rest as D(Deleted) (attchmt: screenshot 3), all partitions listed, I proceeded to WRITE with Enter, Y and OK.
It returned an error - Partition Write Error

So, I did all the above again and now have all the partitions listed again. The two desired partitions are listed as before and still have the folders and files that I need to recover. It still gave me the error "Partition sector doesn't have the endmark 0xAA55" which I ignored and went ahead to analyse and found all the partitions. (attchmt: Screenshot 6)

I am sure I am overlooking something. I need your help to recover these TWO partitions and the every single data in them. PLEASE HELP and suggest.
Attached all screenshots
TestDisk -
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Re: Partition sector doesn't have the endmark 0xAA55 + Partition Write Errors- Need help

#2 Post by cgrenier »

Logical partitions need at least one free sector between them.
Set the partitions you want to recover as P(rimary).

If you still get a write error message when rewriting the partition table, you may have to start your windows in safe mode and disable your antivirus.