Recovering files by their original name

Using PhotoRec to recover lost data
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Recovering files by their original name

#1 Post by zillur »

Hi there,
I was trying to recover files from a disk to another disk. I have recovered more than 10TB data. But photorec renames all the files/folders. Is there any way to recover the files and folders by their original name?

Code: Select all

[root@bioworkstation zillur]# df -h
Filesystem               Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on
/dev/mapper/centos-root   50G  6.9G   44G  14% /
devtmpfs                  87G     0   87G   0% /dev
tmpfs                     87G  2.8M   87G   1% /dev/shm
tmpfs                     87G   98M   87G   1% /run
tmpfs                     87G     0   87G   0% /sys/fs/cgroup
/dev/mapper/centos-home   58G  196M   58G   1% /home
/dev/sdb1                497M  215M  283M  44% /boot
tmpfs                     18G   24K   18G   1% /run/user/1000
/dev/sdc1                494M   26M  469M   6% /run/media/zillur/3d20300c-4bda-4c44-8543-3a6a93451377
/dev/mapper/pagla-home    11T   11T   60K 100% /mordor
tmpfs                     18G   16K   18G   1% /run/user/42

Code: Select all

oot@bioworkstation old_data]# ls
recup_dir.1    recup_dir.116  recup_dir.133  recup_dir.150  recup_dir.168  recup_dir.185  recup_dir.201  recup_dir.219  recup_dir.38  recup_dir.55  recup_dir.72  recup_dir.9
recup_dir.10   recup_dir.117  recup_dir.134  recup_dir.151  recup_dir.169  recup_dir.186  recup_dir.202  recup_dir.22   recup_dir.39  recup_dir.56  recup_dir.73  recup_dir.90
recup_dir.100  recup_dir.118  recup_dir.135  recup_dir.152  recup_dir.17   recup_dir.187  recup_dir.203  recup_dir.220  recup_dir.4   recup_dir.57  recup_dir.74  recup_dir.91
recup_dir.101  recup_dir.119  recup_dir.136  recup_dir.153  recup_dir.170  recup_dir.188  recup_dir.204  recup_dir.23   recup_dir.40  recup_dir.58  recup_dir.75  recup_dir.92
recup_dir.102  recup_dir.12   recup_dir.137  recup_dir.154  recup_dir.171  recup_dir.189  recup_dir.205  recup_dir.24   recup_dir.41  recup_dir.59  recup_dir.76  recup_dir.93
recup_dir.103  recup_dir.120  r

Code: Select all

f1503616.elf    f2269591808.txt   f2472700672.gz   f2861771008.gz    f3780578176.gz  f4203904.txt    f4293949952.txt   f4293984128.h                      f8177280.ttf
f1506304.elf    f2269670016.txt   f2474205696.gz   f2864458368.gz    f3780767744.gz  f4203989120.gz  f4293950080.txt   f4293984256.txt                    f8177408.ttf
f1527424.txt    f2270175488.txt   f2478697984.gz   f2910689792.gz    f3780846080.gz  f4204456576.gz  f4294028032.txt                    f8177920.h
f1540096.txt    f2271040384.txt   f2480256.txt     f3068370688.gz    f3781306624.gz  f4208385536.gz  f4293950336.txt   f4294030080.c                      f8178176.gz
f1552768.txt    f2271041920.txt   f2484096.txt     f33610240.tar.gz  f3781530496.gz  f4215228800.gz  f4293950464.txt   f4294030208.c                      f8390656.xfs
f16200192.txt   f2271258752.txt   f2484224.txt     f3581534208.gz    f3782252544.gz  f4220344576.gz  f4293950720.txt
f16244864.txt   f2271292800.txt   f2484352.txt     f3584377472.gz    f3782750208.gz  f4220638592.gz  f4293950848.c     f4294030464.c
f16259072.txt   f2271303936.txt   f2485376.txt     f3587231360.gz    f3783097984.gz  f4222639616.gz  f4293951872.txt   f4294030592.h
f1629952.txt    f2271433984.txt   f2486016.txt     f3590704512.gz    f3787252608.gz  f4236573568.gz  f4293952256.c     f4294030720.c
[root@bioworkstation recup_dir.2]#
I appreciate your kind suggestions.

Best Regards

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Re: Recovering files by their original name

#2 Post by cgrenier »

What is the filesystem type ? ext2/3/4, xfs... ?
How have you lost the files ? rm, mkfs... ?