Read Error during testdisk

How to use TestDisk to recover lost partition
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Read Error during testdisk

#1 Post by elbabu »

Hello to everyone, I'm new in this wonderful forum.
I'm trying to recover my Seagate internal hd, it was mounted in my laptop.
Laptop can't boot so I decided to put the hd in my usb/sata adapter and trying to recover by another pc.
In windows I can see the device but I can't open it. If I do so, it ask me to format it...if I choose yes it told me "impossible to format".
I run testdisk and in the dos window I can see:
" Drive G: - 310GB / 289GiB - CHS 37765 255 63
Analyse cylinder 744/37664: 01%
Read error at 780/243/40 (lba=12031072)

There is another partition (empy) in the disk, that has no problem.

Thanks who wants help me.

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Re: Read Error during testdisk

#2 Post by cgrenier »

Its a bad idea to try to format a partition when you want to recover data...
Try PhotoRec on this disk. Once the data have been recovered, use the warranty/try to replace the disk.

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Re: Read Error during testdisk

#3 Post by elbabu »

Thanks for you reply cgrenier, I Know is not a good idea format the hd, but any else action gave me results.
The problem is that I don't see the partion.