Custom file recovery?

Using PhotoRec to recover lost data
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Custom file recovery?

#1 Post by keithos27 »

Hi there. I recently accidentally deleted a bunch of NEF files. I thought they were duplicates, but they were not. The files (along with 1,000s of other NEF and JPEG) were on an external hdd I use to store my photo shoots on. The drive is 1 tb and is currently 60% "full". I am using an iMac that has a 1.28 TB fusion drive as the recovery destination. Given that my external hdd where my accidentally deleted files are also had had 1,000s of other photos deleted on purpose over time, a full recovery of this external hdd is larger than the free space I have available on the iMac.

My question is this... Can I have PhotoRec scan my external hdd for only NEF files from a certain date or date range? I know the photos I took were on date X and Y. Can I save myself from sorting through 1,000s of recovered files by doing a customized recovery?

If yes, can someone please advise as to how?

Thank you so much!


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Re: Custom file recovery?

#2 Post by cgrenier »

PhotoRec can recover nef files, they are part of the TIFF file family.
But there is no date/time criteria in PhotoRec.

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Re: Custom file recovery?

#3 Post by keithos27 »

Thank you. How do I make the recovered TIF into an NEF?