Trying To Recover WD 600GB...

How to use TestDisk to recover lost partition
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Trying To Recover WD 600GB...

#1 Post by garyt53 »

...and haven't got a clue! ha

Hi -

Have used TestDisk before to iron out a mangled dual boot partition structure but I had OldFred's help for that. Yup, you know who I mean huh. ha So I understand that the science you people have done, that you do, is superb, but as you will see I am on such an entirely different level that, in this case, your challenge will be just to communicate with me. haha

I have attached my SMART data and my second (first "deeper") testdisk results after having discovered my dual boot system now intended to become a reformatted external USB HDD went RAW and after I stupidly tried to reformat it and chkdsk /r the hell outa it. Now, it may be failing, but I suspect not. Don't ask me for evidence of this assumption as it's just a feeling. I don't need the data anymore (went 120GB cheapo SSD with data on spinner) but just can't throw away a HDD I suspect is still good (am old and on 800/mo SS).

Way thanks in advance, even if I should toss it.


am just gonna let this thing run on this separate system throughout this hand-holding huh
WDTestdisk1.PNG (104.46 KiB) Viewed 655 times
WDSMARTData1.PNG (30.51 KiB) Viewed 655 times

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Re: Trying To Recover WD 600GB...

#2 Post by cgrenier »

Replace your hard disk, its SMART status is too bad to safely store data on it.

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Re: Trying To Recover WD 600GB...

#3 Post by garyt53 »

Well, thanks for telling me what I didn't want to hear. ha

We can call this dumb little thread closed.