Custom extension not working

Using PhotoRec to recover lost data
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Custom extension not working

#1 Post by GrandiJoos » 28 Sep 2016, 19:26

Hi all,

I have a broken hard disk, which Photorec still seems to be able to read (partially). One of the files I really want to recover is my personal bookkeeping file of the last years.
I have created the extension file, based on the two examples attached, and put it in the home directory, as well as the current directory, but fidentify returns 'unknown' when run on the files.
Tha application is WinBank: (in Dutch)

The content of the file 'photoreq.sig' is

Code: Select all

WBD 0 "ìÿÿÿ"
example1 is attached
example2: ... RBEELD.WBD (2 MB)

Anybody got any tips?
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Re: Custom extension not working

#2 Post by cgrenier » 28 Sep 2016, 21:04

Try instead

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wdb 0  0xec 0xff 0xff 0xff

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