INTEL Raid 10 Partition Lost After Drive Failure and BSOD

How to use TestDisk to recover lost partition
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INTEL Raid 10 Partition Lost After Drive Failure and BSOD

#1 Post by PlantPoweredPro »

I am in a nightmare right now. On Tuesday of this week one of my 4 disks failed. No worries, I immediately disconnected the array to stop any additional issues and then I purchased a new drive with 2 day shipping. It arrived yesterday and I popped it in. I added it in using intels bios tool and started the system up. The problem was that after that, the computer got a BSOD at startup. I remembered that when the drive failed, the BSOD hit also.
I was not too concerned, I restarted and then foun that the array was not in failure mode because one of the drives was now failed instead of good. I read online and it was recommended to reset the array so I could use TestDisk when I restarted it. Well, instead it seems that the BSOD was caused by the INTEL software completely screwing up. I just spent the past 12 hours working on the system to get the computer to run without BSOD and also have INTEL raid functioning.

So I thought I was smooth sailing but now I am having a tough time getting TEstDisk to work. I keep getting the error of no ntfs marker found. Image

I spent probably 1-2 hours going over the drive configuration to make sure it matched the previous layout. I have now lost 2 days of work and that drive has 5 years of work on it. I have a lot of stuff backed up to a 4tb raid array but not everything and a lot of my recent work is not backed up :(
Please avise.

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Re: INTEL Raid 10 Partition Lost After Drive Failure and BSOD

#2 Post by cgrenier »

The partition table looks ok. You should be able to access the data from the Windows LDM.
What is the output of Windows Disk Manager ?