Recovering USB Files with Testdisk

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Recovering USB Files with Testdisk

#1 Post by Callum2016 »

Hi All,

I Was using my USB as normal this afternoon,logged off for around 2 hours then logged back on & 1 of my files on my USB has all it`s content changed (I`m not a very technical person,but going off a google search they have somehow got corrupted). Basiccly all the files now have random letters,symbols & numbers as their names & i am not able to open any of them

I`ve downloaded Testdisk & now i`m just wondering how I use it? I Tried using a tutorial on Youtube,that says after i`ve selected what drive (What i have been able to do) on the Menu i go to Advanced,but when i do that it just stats "No Partition Available" - Does this mean i can not get my files back?

I am not able to delete the current files without wiping the full USB,so would my best option just be to save my other files onto my main computer,before wiping the full USB to get rid of the corrupted files?

Any help would be appreciated!

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Re: Recovering USB Files with Testdisk

#2 Post by cgrenier »

Please post the testdisk.log file content.