Cannot Seem to make Custom Signatures Work

Using PhotoRec to recover lost data
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Cannot Seem to make Custom Signatures Work

#1 Postby Jordanis » 09 Jun 2012, 14:41

I'm trying to recover some .3dm Rhino 3D model files. I ran a hexdump on a sample, which returns

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00000000- 33 44 20 47  65 6F 6D 65  74 72 79 20  46 69 6C 65 [3D Geometry File]
00000001- 20 46 6F 72  6D 61 74 20  20 20 20 20  20 20 20 33 [ Format        3]

I have therefore created a photorec.sig file in the folder from which photorec is running (on Windows). Currently, its contents are

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3dm 0 0x33 0x44 0x20 0x47 0x65 0x6F 0x6D 0x65

I have also attempted

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3dm 0 0x33442047656F6D65

Plus variations in length on that, as well as

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3dm 0 "3D Geometry File"

In all cases, fidentify has been unable to identify the sample file. Given that I am attempting to identify the same file as I dumped to get the signature, I can only conclude that I am either mis-constructing the photorec.sig file, or PhotoRec is for some reason ignoring the photorec.sig file. In either case, I would appreciate any help to resolve the issue. Thank you!

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Re: Cannot Seem to make Custom Signatures Work

#2 Postby cgrenier » 16 Jun 2012, 14:55

Have you try your photorec.sig file with latest PhotoRec 6.14-WIP ?
Is it a true ascii text file ? It must not beging by EF BB BF (UTF-8 Byte Order Mark) or FF FE (UTF-16 LE).

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Re: Cannot Seem to make Custom Signatures Work

#3 Postby eddie » 20 Nov 2012, 19:46

Hi Jordanis,
Try with:
3dm 1 "3D Geometry File"
because your string start at 1, at 0 there is [
3dm 0 0x33442047656F6D657472792046696C65
using all first row in hex.

Good luck,

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