Microsd 64gb sdxc to 16gb sdhc

How to use TestDisk to recover lost partition
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Microsd 64gb sdxc to 16gb sdhc

#1 Post by doradacanta »

After inserting my lexar 64gb sdxc to the pc did not recognize it and then I wanted to repair it with le testdisk, but then it was reduced to 16gb - sdhc and it became unusable, the system requests formatting but it is always error, and every time I insert it into the Usb ports, the pc asks to format 16gb only in sdhc.
Previously worked in exfat and 64gb perfectly. I need help
I can not pass.
Has solution is dead ?.

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Re: Microsd 64gb sdxc to 16gb sdhc

#2 Post by cgrenier »

If the system failed to format the card every time, there is probably an electronic problem. You should change your card.

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Re: Microsd 64gb sdxc to 16gb sdhc

#3 Post by snoopkhan »

I had the same problem, I tried mounting in testdisk in linux as Windows wasn't getting me anywhere and it kept on giving me "error reading sector ..." for almost all sectors. I thought because the system was picking up the drive size (although unallocated format), i can retrieve the data but couldn't. Also tried Photorec on raw image copy, and after using 5 other tools decided to give Recoverfab a shot. I had my reluctance sending my card with 5 years of my memories away to Germany (not to mention everyones trying to save bucks) but these guys surprised me. I had no tracking on my package (shipping from Canada) and just a simple mail and 3 days later they contact me with a 100% recovery. If you can't recover, then give them a go, its worth it.