What to Select as the first step

How to use TestDisk to recover lost partition
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What to Select as the first step

#1 Post by jp1809 » 14 Dec 2016, 06:24

Trying to recover non bootable windows 40 gig external usb drive. Ran testdisk and the first thing to come back is this. I am not sure what to select before proceeding,

Select a media
disk /dev/sda 40GB /37 GiB
disk /dev/sdd 40 GB /37 GiB
Drive C 15 GB / 13 GiB
Drive D 24 GB / 23 Gib
Drive G 39 GB /37 Gib

Dribe c,d are my internal drives. Drive G is what I know as the external but when I select it and try to analyse it just goes on for days and basically does not seem to be finding what testdisk says it should.

Should I be selecting /dev/sda? Please help. I am just trying to learn. I tried reading the manual but it did not help me.

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