Windows 7 64-Bit freezes when using TestDisk

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Windows 7 64-Bit freezes when using TestDisk

#1 Post by gregTheGrey » 24 Jan 2017, 02:40

I have been trying to use TestDisk 7.0 for Windows 7 64-Bit to copy files from NTFS partitions on a corrupted HP Pavilion DM4 hard-drive. Somehow, my boot files were corrupted to the point that my laptop would get stuck in an endless boot cycle. TestDisk helped me verify that the HD was physically ok, and I was able to access my files and start copying them to an external 4TB HD (the sum total of data on the laptop HD was < 2TB). However, as I copy data, I start to see the progress slow down until my computer freezed up altogether. The only way I could release the computer was through a forced reboot, which killed the utilities. I have already tried this twice, and both times the computer freezes at about the same time. Each attempt took over a day to get to where it froze and it wasn't near finished copying.

Any suggestions? Thanks.

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Re: Windows 7 64-Bit freezes when using TestDisk

#2 Post by cgrenier » 24 Jan 2017, 18:41

Try to copy a reduced set of directories at a time...

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