deleted videos

Using PhotoRec to recover lost data
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deleted videos

#1 Post by eng3 »

I accidentally deleted two videos off my exFAT formatted SD card. One 700mb another 1GB. I didn't notice for a few days but I haven't written anything else to the SD so any activity on the SD should be minimal.

I first inserted the card into my computer and made an image.
I tried Photorec and various other recovery software (Recuva, R-undelete)
Most will provide two options, a "quick scan" and a "deep scan"
The quick scan will show the file structure including the two missing files. However if I look at the contents of the file in a hex editor its all "FFFFFF"
If I do a deep scan, it doesnt find the videos.

Even if the videos were overwritten, I find it hard to believe that 1.7GB has been overwritten. Maybe the file header has been overwritten but a large portion of the video must still be somewhere on the card. Is there some way to examine all the free space for video data (without the header)?

I'd appreciate any suggestions.

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Re: deleted videos

#2 Post by cgrenier »

Run PhotoRec, select the disk and next the partition, Search, [Free]. This will search your videos on the free space of the filesystem.

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Re: deleted videos

#3 Post by eng3 »

I have tried this, it found many videos but not the two I deleted. With nearly no activity on the SD card, I find it hard to believe 1.7GB worth of data has been completely overwritten. Perhaps the video header data has been overwritten but I would bet that most of the video data is still there.