MFT? Boot Sector?

Using TestDisk to repair the filesystem
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MFT? Boot Sector?

#1 Post by victor1000 »

I have a failing 500 GB drive. It's not even mountable in Windows. So, I ran Testdisk under Linux. It finds the partition and I'm able to list files. I can recover for a short while then I can't continue recovering.

The disk gives error messages something like:

-boot sector can't be read (A few minutes, the boot sector is listed as good, then becomes unreadable).
-partition: read error

Here's some extra info:

There are 500 bad sectors and 2000 "weak sectors" according to Hard Disk Sentinel.
Hard drive health was 6% when Windows was able to see the drive.

Each sector has 512 bytes. So..

512 x 500 = 256000 bytes = 0.256 Megabytes

or if you include the "weak sectors"

512 x 2500 = 1280000 bytes = 1.28 Megabytes

That seems like such a small amount of data to cause so much trouble. Anyway, I try to make an image.dd file but it just stops after a few seconds and says completed with errors. There's no way 300gb-400gb of data can be complete in a few seconds. I suspect MFT or boot sector contains the bad sectors (correct me if I'm wrong). Is there some way to back up what remains of the MFT, boot sector, etc to a separate drive? Any suggestions? Thank you for any help.

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