I "Removed Volume" from a drive from QNAP NAS

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I "Removed Volume" from a drive from QNAP NAS

#1 Post by Metallion »

I have a QNAP NAS in which i have 4 drives/bays.

The QNAP UI have the options:
"safely detach volume" which preserves everything in the drive, it just "unplugs" the drive with the NAS on.
and it have the option to "remove volume" which i pressed for one bay/drive. The steps i took, never gave me the information it would delete data or format etc.. so i thought i was just removing the connection between the drive and the NAS so i thought i could read the drive anyway in my iMac or Linux or even Windows.

Well, now the NAS doesn't seem to find Volumes or pool in the drive, neither i can't read the drive in iMac/Linux/Windows.
I have a drive with 5 partitions (like the image i am attaching in the post) and i can't read the partition where all the data was.
By the way, i had not Raid in the NAS, i was using the drive as a single Volume in the NAS.

Please, someone knows how to re-add the volume or retrieve the data it is in the partition sde3?
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