Get error message when I try to access hdd in usb external caddy

Using TestDisk to repair the filesystem
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Get error message when I try to access hdd in usb external caddy

#1 Post by visionman »

I do not know if I am in the correct forum category, apology if so.

Hello everyone, I have a problem with accessing two HDD? I get an error message when I connect a 160GB 2.5 Sata Hdd, via usb external caddy. (I enclose snapshot of error message)
I am using a Dell D620 laptop running Linux Mint 13 O/S
Brief explanation of circumstances of when problem. occurred.
I had just installed; but not used; two programs, Avidmux and Openshot both video manipulation progs, onto the laptop. Also, (I don’t know if this is relevant or not but the Wi-Fi was on; I did not know at the time how to disable it)
I inserted the 160GB into the external usb caddy. (I have done this many times with this HDD in LM 13 and Win 7 without problems. = That is why I mentioned just installing both the new software ; unused as I noticed that both programs were highlighted as installed but not used.)
and the error message appeared. I tried a second HDD with the caddy with the same result.
I then tested both HDD in win 7, and got a dialog box asking me to reformat the drive. (Enclosed snapshot (snip) of win 7 dialog box0
I enclose two snapshots (snips) of the win 7 disc management snapshot s of the two HDD
I enclose snapshot of properties for HDD both are the same
can anyone on this forum understand what has happened and If? - How? I may get these HDD back to normal?
I have retested both HDD in other usb caddies without success all the caddies work OK with other HDD?
One final question, can I backup the contents of both these HDD in their current state, condition, before using / modifiying anything on the HDD with testdisc?
Attached files
Sub 1 x 5 HDD snips of usb caddy attached to computer Also, properties results for both
Sub 2 x2 desktop results for usb attached to computer, in linux mint 13. x 1 tried to open via clicking computer
Sub 3 x 2 snip of results of both 120 GB HDD in disc management win 7

Many thanks in advance for taking the time to read this post and any expert assistance.

Here are the images I do not know how to do this , first time inserting images?



Hopefully all the images sre OK if not please let me know , I left out two images from SUB 1 as they were same as images of both HDDs.

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