EFI system

How to use TestDisk to recover lost partition
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EFI system

#1 Post by bdalzell » 08 Sep 2017, 04:51

I am trying to repair a 1 TB harddrive. Testdisk reports the following partition structure:
Disk /dev/sde - 1000 GB / 931 GiB - CHS 121601 255 63
Current partition structure:
Partition Start End Size in sectors

Trying alternate GPT
1 P Unknown 2048 2097151 2095104 [Basic data partition]
2 P EFI System 2097152 2834431 737280 [EFI system partition]
No FAT, NTFS, ext2, JFS, Reiser, cramfs or XFS marker
3 P MS Reserved 2834432 3096575 262144 [Microsoft reserved]
3 P MS Reserved 2834432 3096575 262144 [Microsoft reserved]
4 P MS Data 3096576 1934422015 1931325440 [Basic data partition]
5 P MS Data 1934424064 1953509375 19085312 [Basic data partition]

>[Quick Search] option is currently highlighted.

Running testdisk under Ubuntu linux on a damaged drive that is mounted as an additional drive on my computer.
It has been running the Quick Search for quite a while with nothing happening except for the drive light being on.

Following the instructions it seems to me that partition 3 is damaged as it appears twice in the list.

Does testdisk work on EFI partitioned drives? Does it recognize the MS Data partitions?
How long should I expect testdisk to run before the next stage in the recovery appears?

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Re: EFI system

#2 Post by cgrenier » 09 Sep 2017, 08:56

From testdisk reports, it looks like your EFI partition table is corrupted.
On next screen, use 'a' to manually add the partition 3 (use the same start/end values). Next, choose Write, confirm, Quit and restart your computer.

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