Weird filesystem damage

Using TestDisk to repair the filesystem
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Weird filesystem damage

#1 Post by krxz »


This morning I plugged in my WD Elements 1tb external harddrive, HFS+ formatted with only 1 partition, to my Mac and got a message saying that it cannot be read - it would not show up in Finder. After some googling I seemed to have found an easy solution - running a disk repair on DiskWarrior. I ran it, it found some damage and repaired it, however after that things got even worse and weird. Right now OS X seems to be reading the disk just right, it shows up and I can access the files.
However - the files are all corrupted. Well, almost all - I can access few small (1-2kb) .txt files and the weird thing is that their content does not correspond to the filename - it seems that everything has shuffled around by some amount of data and I figure that's why probably files bigger than a couple of kb do not work.

It gets weirder - I plugged in the hdd into my PC where I have MacDrive installed and it does not recognize it, saying that there is no data and filesystem on the disk.

Then I discovered TestDisk (ran on Mac), and I figured I'd give it a go to repair FAT tables as I suspect that might be the problem. I discovered that TestDisk does not seem recognize any partitions on my drive. I ran the analyse thingy and right now it has 2% done in about 2hrs - is that normal for 1tb drive?

Does anybody have any idea what's going on here and where to start looking for a solution?

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Re: Weird filesystem damage

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Do you have a HFS+-partition?
Why did you try to repeir FAT tables.
There should be a description very dangerous.
If someone would like to recover data, he shouldn't touch his file system.
It can make things worse.

But you could try toi copy some files or a folder using testdisk and check your files.
Testdisk is often capable to copy files from a damaged file system.