Thank you! Most important files recovered from damaged HD

Using PhotoRec to recover lost data
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Thank you! Most important files recovered from damaged HD

#1 Post by jochenh1109 » 18 Jan 2018, 21:54

The Boot disk of my "communications laptop" had turned RAW, system and data were in the same partition, only healthy partition left was "Recovery".
Testdisk quick search found 1 (!!) Directory on the partition: /Program Data...
Deeper Search came back with plenty of error warnings (number of heads/cylinder mismatches, number of sectors per track mismatches...).
Made an image of the partition ("the image was created but there have been read errors") and had photorec work on the image

Photorec recovered loads of .pdf files (not all of them could be opened). I did not bother about the thousands of jpg and dozens of videos as I had proper backups of those.

Most importantly, photorec recovered my .pst (Outlook email) files, the backups of which were criminally old and none of the mails were stored anywhere in the cloud and thus reestablished "my identity" !!!!!!!!

Jochen (making a donation right now)

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