Write protected SD

Using TestDisk to repair the filesystem
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Write protected SD

#1 Post by funkazio » 11 Feb 2018, 10:01

I have a few SD cards that appears to be write protected with some advanced method and I do not manage to write on it nor reformat it.
I have tried with all the usual methods I could find, but nothing works. I post here the testdisk log of
Analyse > Quick Search > Deeper Search > Delete (clear MBR partition) > MBR Code
I always get a "Write Error" message.
Anyone has seen a situation like this? Thanks for your time and help.
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Re: Write protected SD

#2 Post by cgrenier » 11 Feb 2018, 10:55

Some SD card have a manual switch that you can use to write protect them.
If it's not the case and you are unable to write to them, it's usually that their electronic is damaged.

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Re: Write protected SD

#3 Post by funkazio » 11 Feb 2018, 11:16

well... yes, I also tried switching the write-protect switch ;-)
The electronic is fine. The cards have been used on a device (POS) that somehow locks them for writing on any other device (the device writes them and can modify the files, the files are visible and readable on a computer) but unfortunately there is no way to delete the files nor to format the card. I tried on Linux, Windows, OSx with several partitioning tools with no result. I always get some sort of write error message. That's why I am trying with a sophisticated utility like TestDisk. Could the warning message about the geometry point me in some direction? Unfortunately when I try to change the geometry with TestDisk I also get a write error message.

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